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room on the broom activities

Room on the broom is one of Julia Donaldson’s most popular books. It is a lovable story about friendship and inclusivity. It is a book that children of all ages enjoy and the illustrations are beautiful!

This rhyming book is perfect for reading aloud to children. It is also a great book to use for speech and language targets, particularly for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children as it encourages empathy.

After reading this story, students can work on their retelling skills by coloring the pictures from the story or making their own version. This is a fun activity that will also help them learn how to retell a story by using words that rhyme!

Retelling a Story

A retelling activity is a great way to practice story recall and to teach students about a story’s characters. This activity will make students think about the characters in the story and the events that took place. They will be able to add their own details to the story.

The retell activity will also give them an opportunity to practice sequencing the events that take place in the story. This is a skill that is necessary for children to master as they get older!

Another way to practice this skill is by having students make a scavenger hunt. This can be done at home or in the classroom. Have kids hide the objects around their house or school that correspond to the ones in the story.

They can then have a race to find the objects that correspond to the stories. This is a fun activity that will be enjoyed by students and will provide them with valuable skills as they learn to hunt for items.

This activity will also allow students to have a great deal of fun and get their energy out! They can play the game as a group, in pairs or individually. It is a great activity for those who have ADHD, as it will give them a chance to have fun while exercising their brains.

The scavenger hunt can be played as a team or in pairs and will provide them with a great deal of fun! They will have a great time hiding the items that correspond to the stories and racing to find them.

These activities are a great way for teachers and parents to engage their children in the story of room on the broom, which is a favorite during the Halloween season. The story incorporates many important teaching and learning skills, such as character traits, sequence, cause & effect and social emotional learning!

Broomstick Pretzel Sticks

After reading this story, kids will be eager to try these broomstick pretzel sticks. These snacks are perfect for the fall season and can be made with just a few simple ingredients.

Witch’s Broom (inspired by Preschool Play)

After reading this book, your little one will be eager to create their own witch’s broom! This craft requires a few simple materials and is a fun activity to do with their friends! You can even have the kids decorate the broom with their favorite Halloween drawings.

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